Upcoming and Recent Conferences

Senior Investigator, Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, NY, June 2016

"On Anger: Srinivasan vs. Shantideva", Conference on Divergences", Janki Devi Memorial College, April 2016

Comments on Rami El Ali's "The Illusionist View of Hallucination", NYU-Abu Dhabi Workshop on Normativity, February 2016

Comments on Alex Watson's "God, No-God and Indian Logic", NYU-Abu Dhabi Workshop on Normativity, February 2016

"'Myness' isn't Positive", 3rd IITD-NBRC Workshop, IIT-Delhi, January 2016

Comments on Arindam Chakrabarti's "Is There a World Out There? God/No One Knows", Conference on "God, No-God, and the Argumentative Indian", Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, July 2015

"Meditative Attention to Bodily Sensations: Conscious Attention without Selection?", Concurrent Session Talk, ESPP, Tartu, July 2015.

"'Myness' isn't Positive", Concurrent Session Talk, ASSC 19, Paris, July 2015.

"The Nature of Perception: Travis vs. McDowell", Tanner Workshop in Metaphysics and Epistemology, Boston University, June 2015.

About Me

I'm currently an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Ashoka University and a Research Associate at Harvard University.

My interests span the philosophy of mind, language, epistemology, metaphysics and the history of philosophy. I'm particularly interested in the philosophy of perception. Topics that I'm working on include: the intentionality of bodily sensations, the metaphysics of constitution in the philosophy of mind, the metaphysics of bodily sensations, bodily sensations and cognitive penetration, introspection, memory and its connection to bodily states; I'm also interested in pictorial depiction, non-theistic faith, and the epistemological significance of death.

I earned my doctorate at Harvard University's Department of Philosophy in May 2011. I was then a Fellow in Philosophy at Harvard. I have also been a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Philosophy, Jawaharlal Nehru University, where I gave a series of lectures on the philosophy of perception. Most recently, I was an Assistant Professor (ad hoc) at the Philosophy Department of the University of Delhi.

You can find my published work here.