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Kranti Saran


Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy

Ashoka University

Recent & Upcoming Presentations

Title TBA, Perceptual Experience and Empirical Reason, University of Pittsburgh, December 2021.

A general audience webinar, "Karma and Justice", hosted by Manthan, June 2020.

A general audience webinar, "Does morality require God?" (starting 9:10), Ashoka University's Beyond the Classroom series, April 2020.

"Reformed naive realism: prospects and problems", Conference on Anil Gupta's Reformed Empiricism, Ashoka University, February 2020.

"Philosophy of perception: metaphysics, epistemology, phenomenology", Indian Council for Philosophical Research Periodic Lecture, Indraprastha College for Women, January 2020.

About me

Kranti Saran

My research interests span the areas of perception, attention, bodily awareness, introspection, mimicry, and how these topics are related to our moral relation to others. A common thread that runs through my research is a concern with understanding facets of our cognition: its faculties and modes (perception, attention), its embodiment (bodily awareness), its consequences for our relation to our selves and our immediate social milieu (introspection, mimicry), and finally, the manner in which these topics interact with culture and so either constrain or enable dimensions of our moral relation to others.

You can find my published work here.